Men’s Hubby T Shirt Size S CLEARANCE SECONDS


Grab a bargain with our Clearance/Seconds items.  Some items are perfect but are left over stock from Markets/Expo’s and I need to make some room.  Some items are not perfect, print is off, colour is wrong – for whatever reason they are not going full price.

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These are basically left over stock from Markets and Expos, I used to do alot of Wedding Expos pre COVID, now not so much and I don’t need all this stock (Insert Roll Eyes Here) anyway, they are all NEW and will come packaged with washing instructions.

T Shirts are Cotton, this one has Gold Print

Please note that ALL our Clearance and Seconds items are NEW however the print may be off, the colour may not be what we hoped or they are left over stock from Markets and Expos.

There are no returns and we cannot personalise them.  They are as is.

I did my very best photographing them but if you need more information, just ask.

Pick up is available to save on Postage if you are local, with postage I will shove as much in a bag as I can.  The postage is set to only charge you once (I hope!)  so add as much as you like and I’ll make it fit.